Thank you for visiting Seek the Light.

We love you all and wish to heal you of all affliction.

Herein you will find images and text.

We encourage you to speak the words out loud as you read them, or to sing or chant along with the recorded phrases, or to contribute to these sounds with instruments or in any other manner you see fit as you listen.

We advocate the reinforcement, repetition, elaboration, variation, and deployment of these materials in any manner you can conceive of. Write these words on paper, burn the paper, mix the ash with water to make ink, write these words with the ash-ink on the wall of a building.

Repeat this procedure on a pattern of buildings that spells these words out across the entire city you reside in, if you reside in a city.

Do whatever compels you.

It is our wish that these messages be a seed, and that seed grow into a tree with many branches bearing diverse blossoms. Please send us your blossoms, in whatever medium you see fit; textual, visual, auditory, or otherwise.

May you find refuge in the sky.

Seek The Light